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Dishwasher tip
new old stuff
community fridge
Removing scent from old furniture
hot bin
milk bottles - glass, plastic or starch?
How do I dispose of used paper tissues?
Abandoned BitCoin mine...
vinegar instead of fabric conditioner
Ladies, have you tried Thinx period panties?
spare Android phone anyone?
Very Old Laptops
Takeaway coffee cups not recyclable
Cathode Ray Tubes...
gold fever mr behemoth?
How we can help our libraries.
How do you clean your dishes (without a dishwasher)
June declutter challenge
Reusable cotton nappies anyone?
another paper fueled thought
Video tape.
Incandescent light bulbs...
Carrier bags
Cathode Ray Tubes...
How can I tell ?
DEFRA Waste definition consultation.
Washing machine.
Goodbye Freecycle
Puzzling out a motor.
Food recovery.
Which pushmower do you recommend?
Zero Waste Restaurant.
Recycling vinyl (LP's)
Wood burner back boiler leaking possible easy fix.
Old printers and scanners.
Supersize Salvage
Knotweed as Biomass
More tales from the tip...
Metal vs Plastic.
Ey up PET.
Comparison sites ?
Freecycle - Aberystwyth
Ikea Prioritet table tops
SHED and AVERY - FREE if you collect it from lampeter
Seaweed houses
fixing shoes - stitches
Wanted Bosch Freezer drawers x 4
uses for an old gas canister
Roller blind.
New recycling bin
Is anyone still collecting old denim for patchwork?
painting laminate kitchen table
Any use for stale plaster?
out of date brown sauce
Re-using plastics.
Returning waste plastics etc?
Tackle food waste by feeding it to cows, retailers urged
To burn or not to burn cardboard?
collecting rain water illegal
Ban on wood stoves!
portable solar power
air to air heating
2012 diesel consuption and 2013 aims
Recycling is good
Lord of the R.....
Saving Money and Freebies
firewood bonanza
The global food waste scandal
I swop veg peelings for.....
Old medical supplies
Cushion flooring
Surplus food waste.
Any bright ideas?
Tip run, yayyy
Old documents
recycling chips
a rose
Victorian casters
A parcel
Trigger's broom
Chicken waste question
Water, juice,rainwater storage
Such a great score today
Yogurt maker
Sell by dates to go
New Works from Edouard Martinet
Where do you buy your clothes?
Hints & tips and ideas?
Councils and Re-cycling
Would you get rid of... ?
Empty pringles tubes please
wood/pallets wanted please
Freezer repair
OFFER; wood and lots of it, Worcestershire
Council Green Waste Collections
Plastic cups and spoons
Could I use...
What ways to recycle ... empty coffee tins
What ways to recycle ... 1 ltr plastic milk and soda bottles
Revamping shoes
Freecycle is great!
Earth Hour - who's doing it ?
beer crates
Where recycling pays
Injector Pump compatibility
npower sent us an energy monitor.
Feeling a little smug
Small composting toilet
OFFER: White Rufflette Heading Tape
Light oak, dark oak and liming?
free polythene
milk pouches
Why do we expect our rubbish to be collected?
Charity bags (door-to-door collections)
Birds recycle plastic as nesting material
Slate kitchen worktops
Cracked top on woodburner
large sofa
Needed Newspapers and Boxes
cutting board
end of cake soap recycling
coffee grounds.
Ideas to update kitchen worktops
Sweet Tins
My fantastic “new” mangle
Should it be harder to recycle?
Money back on bottles?
Vhs to Dvd
Brita Filters free to good home :-)
Tumble Dry?
Tourist Season - Increase in litter
Waste policy review - have your say...
4 oven Esse Fairy
Phone recycling envelope - worth dosh!
No pay-per-throw...
Extending the life of rusty steel work
Porcelain Recycling
Reusing gas cylinders
Collect for free your computer trash
Fan/Convection heaters.
Rechargeable Battery - 4R25?
Middle Ground Recycling
HELP! Building a Wormery
Recycled hydro-electricity generator...
Leaving excess packaging at the checkout
Kitchen Tiles
What to do with broken VHS and DVD?
Reconditioned tools
Snotty tissues
Bokashi Buckets
One bin of rubbish a year.
batteries-new legislation.
LCA for ceramics vs glass
Carbon Fibre Bike Frame
The Downsizer virtual book swap!
CD Boxes
What do you re-use?
Washing a waxed jacket?
Persil bottles
Heat treated pallets
Manky old tent
Freegle Chic
Best easy to use sharpening 'thing' for tools
Use less stuff year 2010
How can I tell if an energy saving bulb is Self-ballast
Decluttering challenge, Nov 09
Good source of scrap metal in the SE
Solway recycling
New to composting.
wanted strawberry plant/raspberry canes-bare rooted
£1 in £3 spent on waste
Rubber gloves
Are any/all of the phone recycling sites actually good?
Concrete coal bunker
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